Frugal Finds – 3/23/16, Monthly Budget Update

Today’s frugal finds include: $29.95 (includes shipping) ARRIS / MOTOROLA SURFBOARD SB5101U 2.0 CABLE MODEM (Ebay) $6.50 (includes shipping) SAMSUNG INTENSITY U450 (Ebay) So not the sexiest of items purchased but I’m glad to share that the following purchases will help to cut my monthly budget by $50! Monthly budget: $1,250 rent (covers all utilities: gas, electric,… Read More Frugal Finds – 3/23/16, Monthly Budget Update

Frugal Finds – 2/13/15, 2/14/15

Financial independence. I recall the first time I read those words. Once I discovered what they meant, my immediate thoughts were – “I want this!”. Since then, I’ve been on a mission to understand what it takes to become financially independent. There are lots of tips for reaching financial independence. What it boils down to on a very… Read More Frugal Finds – 2/13/15, 2/14/15