You Know You’ve Converted to Frugalism When…

Recently came across a blog post by Budget Blogess that I loved and wanted to share. In her post she describes all the ways converting to Frugalism has changed her life and lists certain habits which have changed.

I wanted to do the same. Here’s my list.

You Know You’ve Converted to Frugalism When…

  1. You’ve read books on financial management such as “Your Money of Your Life” and “The Intelligent Investor“. You are a frequent visitor of imgur’s financial independence forum. You follow money bloggers such as Mr. Money MustachFrugalwoods and Go Curry Cracker. You think they are Gods.
  2. You start to prefer the taste of your own cooking to take-out and restaurant food. The crap some restaurants try to pass off as a meal, using frozen meat and veggies. Gross!
  3. You spend Sunday’s cooking in bulk so you can eat leftovers during the week. You even enjoy the process! Making shopping lists, planning out meals…
  4. You start baking your own bread. So easy! Here’s a recipe: No Knead Bread Recipe
  5. You make it a priority to bring lunch to work. $10 salad’s? Are you kidding me!
  6. Shopping just doesn’t have the appeal it had before. Your mentality goes from “I need this!”, to “Do I really need this?”.
  7. You start to become more and more aware of waste and environmental impact. The idea of constantly upgrading devices and getting rid of old devices makes you cringe.
  8. Your preferred websites to shop become eBay and Craigslist. It’s amazing the stuff I find on eBay. Ton’s of designer wear. Clothing people have hardly worn. Same with Craigslist. I bought a used $250 HDTV in excellent condition from a guy for $80 (haggled down from $100). Meanwhile, he had a brand spanking new TV (bigger of course) sitting in his living room.
  9. You preferred mode of transportation becomes bike and public transportation. Owning a car becomes a total unnecessary luxury in one’s life. And a total drag on one’s wallet.
  10. You start to view spending money on sugary drinks at places like Starbuck’s a TOTAL WASTE OF MONEY. Seriously…$5 for a coffee? No thanks. I’ll brew my own.
  11. Your life motto starts to become – SIMPLIFY! SIMPLIFY! SIMPLIFY!
  12. You are credit card debt free and/or never carry a balance forward which is charged interest.
  13. You start to think about pursuing work you enjoy as opposed to work which will pay more and/or pay the bills.
  14. Work starts to feel like less of a drag because the option to quit is always available.
  15. Shitty bosses/jobs also start to feel like less of a drag because the option to say “screw you” and bounce is always available.
  16. You sleep better at night and feel less anxious about life in general.

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