Frugal Pet Peeve #1 – Lots of Clothing

There are few things I can’t stand. I’m a pretty mellow person so annoyances are few and far between. I’m not the type to send food back at a restaurant. Or pick fights in crowded subways. I rarely start trouble at work. I’m a classic Enneagram Type 9 – The Peacemaker.

That said, there are a few things that I find highly irritating. Towards the top of the list is the sight of a messy closet just absolutely filled to the max with clothing, shoes and accessories (see above pic for reference). The thought of owning so much clothes makes me sick to the stomach. Now, I don’t mean to offend any fashionista’s or purveyors of consumerism. In all honesty, you must find my way of life a bit disconcerting, with the excessive scrimping and saving, and lack of indulgences. I am merely giving my personal opinions on the matter. Hopefully we can live in peaceful existence and continue living our lives in the manner we choose (Type 9 personality trait making a full blown appearance-heh!).

So why do I find a closet brimming with clothes so appalling? Of course there’s the issue of cost and money. I also find lots of clothes to very wasteful. To illustrate my argument, I will use my closet pre-frugal days as an example.

  • Jeans – I probably owned at least a dozen pairs. I owned dark wash and light wash jeans. Skinny jeans and boot cut jeans. Several colored jeans. Most were of course designer jeans ranging from $130-$200.
  • T-shirts – Because of their affordability ($10-$20), they were easy to add on to purchases. It was so easy to get carried with all the variety so of course I ending up amassing a huge collection! There were crewnecks and v-necks, stripes and solids, print t-shirts with cool graphics, rocker tee’s, the list goes on. I’m not sure how many t-shirts I owned pre-frugal days but they easily filled a storage bucket.
  • Dress shirts – Included dress shirts in white, black, denim, pastel colored, floral prints, striped, 3/4 sleeved, some with mock necks, other with frilly sleeves, etc etc etc.

Well, I think I’ve painted a good picture. I think my way of thinking was the main cause for so much excess. Feeling I needed a huge variety of each sub-category of item. I couldn’t just settle with one blazer. I needed blazers in several different colors and materials and fits.

Since then I’ve changed my way of thinking tremendously. I find the one change that has had the most impact is the idea of reducing or limiting the number of sub-category of items. Now, I own one blazer black. The rationale for owning one blazer? Well, for one, I mostly wear blazers at work. You would never catch me in a blazer on the weekends. So with that in mind, I focused on owning one blazer which could easily coordinate with any work outfit. As for jeans? They include two denim – one skinny, one bootcut, and one black. T-shirt purchases are a rare occasion. I own one long sleeve for layering in the winter, 2 l/s heat tech t-shirts (received as gifts) which I wear for when I’m running or hiking, and a handful of short sleeve t-shirts, most of which are remnants from my ole’ shopping spree days. The nicer one’s I wear for casual days and the older one’s I recycle as sleepwear/loungewear. You get the idea.

This way of thinking lines up well with the whole concept of the “Capsule Wardrobe”. Defined as:

  1. a collection of clothes and accessories that includes only items considered essential
  2. a person’s basic collection of coordinating clothes that can be used to form the basis of outfits for all occasions
  3. a set of clothing, normally around 24 items, which can be mixed and matched to create a wide variety of outfits.

Here’s a great article written by project333 if you want to learn more so you can start your own capsule wardrobe.

To get further inspired, here’s an article written by Blonde on a Budget who owns 28 items of clothing and only wears 9 regularly.


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